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Wishing a fond farewell to Dr. Ng

Dr. Stephen Ng, Chief of Medical Staff at Runnymede Healthcare Centre, will be retiring after 29 years of outstanding service. His first day at the hospital was Dec. 17, 1990; Runnymede was a very different place back then, but throughout its transformations, Dr. Ng has always set the tone for excellent clinical care through his valuable leadership and commitment to patient- and family-centred care.

His steadfast dedication to Runnymede’s vision and passion for improving patients’ lives has been integral to the hospital’s evolution into a Community Healthcare Hub. Over the years Dr. Ng has stood out as a leader in his tireless devotion to the betterment of Runnymede, the staff and its patients. Thank you Dr. Ng, for all of your hard work and dedication.

Dr. Ng had a way of making strong connections with those he cared for and worked with, and all the goodwill he cultivated over the years was on full display in the lead up to his retirement. Events held in the Gathering Room gave patients, families and staff the opportunity to celebrate Dr. Ng and express their gratitude to him in person.