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Runnymede achieves a perfect score

Runnymede Healthcare Centre has achieved a rare feat: the hospital was awarded Exemplary Standing by Accreditation Canada, the organization that sets the benchmarks for quality and safety in healthcare, for the second time in a row. Of the 611 standards reviewed by the on-site Accreditation Canada Surveyors in November, Runnymede met all 611 of them, with zero unmet.

Exemplary Standing is the highest decision awarded by Accreditation Canada. Last year’s survey results clearly show that Runnymede’s commitment to quality, safety, and patient- and family-centred care stand out among Canadian healthcare organizations.

“For any hospital to meet all of Accreditation Canada’s standards in back-to-back surveys is almost unheard of, but Runnymede’s most recent Accreditation with Exemplary Standing is a shining example of how our culture of excellence and quality improvement makes it possible to achieve the extraordinary,” said Runnymede’s President and Chief Executive Officer, Connie Dejak. “Robust planning and visionary leadership from our Board of Directors and senior management team secured this repeat accomplishment, along with the unwavering commitment of our outstanding staff and our crucial partnerships with patients, families, the community and broader healthcare system.”

To prepare itself for a successful onsite survey, Runnymede hit the books with its innovative training initiative, Runnymede University (RU). The accreditation survey is analogous to taking a very important exam, so the hospital’s 2018 learning theme was based on going to school, studying hard, and passing with flying colours. The concept of a higher learning institution was something staff were able to easily identify with and added an element of fun to the learning process.

“The accreditation process plays an essential role in maintaining high-quality, safe patient care at Runnymede,” said Runnymede’s Vice President of Clinical Operations and Quality, Chief Nursing Executive and Chief Privacy Officer, Raj Sewda. “The surveyors’ feedback will be incorporated into our future action plans, which helps propel the cycle of ongoing quality improvement.”

All of the RU efforts underpin Runnymede’s commitment to quality, safety, and patient- and family-centred care while making the learning process engaging for staff.

“The accreditation process represents a unique opportunity for staff to focus on collaboration and learning, so we can be the best that we can be,” Sewda said. “As we continue to transform into a Centre of Excellence in Aging, we can be confident we are well-equipped to meet the needs of our community and take on the growing challenges of the healthcare system.”