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Early success for Runnymede's new 7-day model of care

A physiotherapist helps a patient standing in a gym to lift up his knee

Runnymede expanded therapy from five days a week to seven days a week, resulting in increased treatment time for patients.

Runnymede Healthcare Centre puts patients’ needs at the centre of all of the decisions it makes. This means adopting current best practices whenever possible to help patients achieve their treatment goals so they can move on to their next care destination or return home, if they are able.

To support this commitment, Runnymede proudly introduced a 7-day model of care in February 2019 for patients in the Active Rehab, Slow Stream Rehab and Medically Complex Programs to maximize the number of therapy minutes they receive per week:

  • Patients in the Slow Stream Rehab Program went from 150 to 325 therapy minutes per week - a 117% increase
  • Patients in the Medically Complex Program went from 90 to 150 therapy minutes per week - a 67% increase

Since the introduction of the 7-day model, there has already been a noted reduction in average length of stay for patients. This means more people are recovering through their treatment and returning to the community sooner, in turn freeing up beds in this crucial rehab program. This steady flow of patients eases pressure on the healthcare system because it enables rehab patients to quickly move from acute care to Runnymede, where they get the focused therapy they need.

By further embracing its commitment to rehab, Runnymede is helping more patients get back to their lives, quicker than ever.