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Redefining possible with Runnymede's five-year plan

Runnymede Healthcare Centre has officially launched a new five-year strategic plan, Vision 2020/ Redefining Possible. This plan covers four directions and multiple priorities that will guide Runnymede into a healthy future.

The Reporter will take a closer look at the strategic plan and highlight the four directions that will guide Runnymede over the next five years. Last issue covered the first direction, you first, and this issue we will take a closer look at the second direction, lead innovation.

2. Lead innovationfemi_cropped.jpg

Through our commitment to innovation in care delivery, we will look for opportunities that extend beyond our walls and address system needs as well as high-risk, under-serviced populations. We will also leverage new and existing technologies, and partnerships that allow us to capitalize on our expertise, expand our impact and solidify our position as a centre of excellence.

PRIORITY 1 - Innovative care delivery

An ongoing commitment to quality improvement and innovation across the organization to address the way we deliver safe, high quality care to meet the needs of our inpatient and future outpatient populations.

PRIORITY 2 - Extending our reach

Leverage technology to meet patient needs in our facility and to extend Runnymede’s reach into the community.

PRIORITY 3 - Establish partnerships

Identify and develop new partnerships to support the delivery of the right care in the right place at the right time.

Read more about our strategic plan here:

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